“We’re an Irish band. We come from Dublin city, Ireland….” (Bono’s introduction to “Bad” at Live Aid)

If you’re a fan, See Dublin by Bike offer you a special tour, U2’s Dublin. 


Three generations of an Irish/Californian family outside U2’s studio at Hanover Quay

If you’re a fan of Ireland’s – perhaps the world’s – greatest rock band, you might like to explore with us the world conquering quartet’s hometown.

What was Dublin like when the band were growing up? What were the influences that shaped their music?

On our two hour tour you can see:

a)  The music venue with the band’s lyrics on the wall

b) The school that expelled Bono

c)  The Project Arts Centre where they met their manager, opposite their Clarence Hotel

d)  Windmill Lane, location of the building (sadly demolished),where their early recordings were made

e)  The band’s Hanover Studio in the south docklands

f )  The Grand Canal lock where the cover of “October” was shot

g)  The site of their famous Dandelion Market early gigs

h)  The shop that gave Bono his name

i)  The Oscar Wilde quote Bono chose at the Merrion Square memorial

j  The café that takes its name from a U2 song

We also stop at Dublin Castle, Guinness, O’Connell Street and other places, to get a sense of the U2 home town, it’s history and character – a basic understanding of their hometown.

€45 per person. Minimum 4 persons per booking. Time: By arrangement.

To book, email Us:  seedublinbybike@gmail.com

From what U2 song are the following lines, featured on the wall of the Vicar Street venue on Thomas Street, taken?

Listen over sounds of blades in rotation,
Listen through the traffic and circulation,
Listen as hope and peace try to rhyme,
Listen over marching bands playing out their time…  

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